Panama Medical and Dental Mission
Building a Medical and Dental Mission Clinic in Agua Buena Panama
  Making Lives Better
                      A little about us
Rural Panamanians are durable people. They work hard every day in the fields farming, milking, wrangling cattle, and helping their neighbors with big jobs.  Here Chichin takes down a cow at the local vacunadera.  All the village comes together to help with branding and vaccinations.  They are a genuine, good hearted people that will help each other at a moments notice.  They have no fear as you can see.  On the ground cow take down is awesome and the Panamanian way!
We Need Your Help
Thank you for visiting the site today. My name is Jim Cannon, and I came to live in the Panama jungle with my family 2 years ago.  We also have three children with us on this adventure here in Agua Buena. My background is in Contruction, Sales, Paramedicine, and Management, in addition we owned a small embroidery shop for 10 years in Washington State.  When I first came to Panama, I was allured by the beauty of the mountains, beaches, wildlife, (we have howler monkeys for our morning alarm now) the tropical food, and lifestyle.  It is such a change from life in the states that it's an adventure every day. What made me fall in love with Panama was the people.  Good, kind, warmhearted people that share everything they have, even in their need.  They help each other every day. It is their only resource. What they lack is healthcare. While I don't have much to offer them but a ride or a bandage or a blood pressure check, I do have the ability to organize and build a facility to improve their lives with great medical and dental care, and provide some employment for the area.  We have become family to them, and this is the best I can do to help. Clinica Campesina will change a lot of lives. Making Lives Better Through Service. Thank you, Jim and Family