Panama Medical and Dental Mission
Building a Medical and Dental Mission Clinic in Agua Buena Panama
  Making Lives Better
Help The World
Thank you for considering a contribution to help the underserved and impoverished people of rural Panama. We need partners like you to make this clinic a reality. We are building a Medical and Dental Mission Clinic to provide modern heathcare to people with few resourses of their own.
  1. Some Of the Children
    Some Of the Children
    The children of the Azuero Peninsula are beautiful and friendly. They have a one room schoolhouse with very few learning resources. The school finally got electricity this year! We are working on a plan to get wifi and computers to the school for greater opportunity for these kids.
  2. Cutting Rice Fields By Hand
    Cutting Rice Fields By Hand
    The Men of Agua Buena and the surrounding communities are hard working and always helping their neighbors. The Junta is a grand tradition for homebuilding, farming, and sharing each others work. Here we cut enough rice for Yigo's family for the the entire year.
  3. Clinic Land Donation
    Clinic Land Donation
    This Generous road-front land donation is 10 acres. What a blessing to jump start the project. Perfect for the clinic and complex. We are well on our way to building the clinic. Partner with us and see this modern facility go up from the ground up. Will you join us?
Changing lives through Parnership
Our Vision
Clinica Campesina will be located 5 hours from Panama City at the southern tip of the Azuero peninsula.  The mission serves residents along the coastline of this beautiful, yet economically depressed area that is steeped in traditional Panama. In these mountains, rolling hills, farmlands, jungle, and beaches is Clinica Campesina, a modern free clinic serving the economically challenged and afflicted residents of the region.  The clinic is staffed with volunteer doctors, dentists, nurses, and assistants from out of the area. Also students and interns in cooperation with the Unversity of Panama and the nearest hospital in Tonosi.  The medical complex also includes two small cottages for our volunteers, caretaker residence, and a cafe for staff and for those traveling from out of the area. Just recently we recieved a generous 10 acre land donation with an existing 2 bedroom house.  Join us to help the underserved and impoverished people of the peninsula by
donating today to create this modern facility.
Our Commitment To You
We are committed to helping the impoverished residents of our region by providing medical and dental care and education. We are building a beautiful complex to service those needs and provide housing and food to support staff and visitors. This will provide jobs and opportunity to the families in need. We also extend this promise: that we are dedicated to use good judgement while providing updates on the  project's status.  We are committed to thrift and prudence with the trust you have placed in us.  Come see us and see what we are doing. We love visitors!
  1. 1
    Sustainable Jobs
    What more can be done to help someone than to provide sustainable jobs to support their family? Building the complex will provide 12-15 jobs the first year. Support Jobs in housekeeping, maintenance, transportation, cooking and tourism will provide a dozen more sustainable jobs. It is exciting to see what a difference we can make when we work together.
  2. 2
    Medical Care
    I see all too often my neighbors and friends just going without care. My house has visitors nearly every day for checkups and trips to the city. As a retired Medic, I am the only trained medical person along a 30 mile stretch of country road. The hospital rarely has full services like x-ray and labs, so it's a 60 mile trip over the mountains. I think we can do better than that.
  3. 3
    Dental Services
    Dental services most often come when there is pain or an emergency. Routine dental care is so needed in our area. From the children to the adults, I know we can make a huge difference in the health and well being of the families in the area with professional, consistent care and cleaning. Help is needed. Thank you for any support you can offer.
  4. 4
    Thank You So Much
    When I came to Panama, I was allured by the beauty of its' beaches, jungles, beautiful mountains, and weather. What made me stay was the beauty and kindness of the people. People who give all they have, even in their need. They make due with very little, and have little resources toward basic heath care. Through your generous donations we will start construction January 4th 2016
With this land and home donation we are well on our way to building Clinica Campesina. Please help and donate today.
  1. More of Panama
    There are many things to see while you are here in Panama. The City is a modern wonder and the Panama Canal is a must see modern marvel. The interior is a natural paradise, and real people, artisans making handmade items, and people living like you would imagine 75 years ago.
  2. Why Panama?
    Beaches. Panama on both the Caribbean and the Pacific has world class resorts, surfing, diving, fishing, and more. If you come to Panama I am sure that you will be pleasantly surprised with the people, and the beauty that is found on the isthmus. Over 950 species of birds makes Panama a bird watchers paradise. Jungle Tours, monkeys, and abundant wildlife and nature.
  3. Plan to Come
    With initial support high, the clinic is within our reach. We are confident we will be accepting volunteer staff by January of 2017. We would love to have you come and serve. Come and see one of the last best places on earth, with wonderful, genuine people that need you to come. Experiencing life in rural Panama is a sight to see. Living it will change you for a lifetime.